Motivations Motivations


Some reasons people engage in retrocomputing.

  1. Luddism
  2. Elitism
  3. Escapism
  4. Honing otherwise dormant programming skills (current job not using them)
  5. Denial (would prefer new systems augment old ones rather than replace)
  6. nostalgia (there's a reason that word rhymes with neuralgia and others):
    1. recapturing lost youth
    2. doing something we're good at (implying that we're not as good at the stuff we do today)
    3. unfinished business
    4. something to prove
  7. displace current opportunities/responsibilites with something more pleasant
  8. historical preservation
  9. aesthetics (desire to have that elegant architecture accessible again)
  10. we like it, it's fun/enjoyable, no way to explain or figure out why